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A conversation with an ishaya monk about life (1)-1

We've been fortunate to count some of the world's most admired companies as clients...

Finding your voice as a new sales leader

I have interviewed over 150 sales leaders on my Sales Leaders Podcast. A question that I've asked many of them is 'what did you struggle with the most in making the transition from sales to leadership'....

....The number one answer is (paraphrasing) 'getting comfortable as a leader'. This sense of dissonance is heightened in situations where you are managing people who were once your peers.

The pressure to prove yourself is immense. The desired to avoiding falling into the trap of trying to 'do it all' is ever present.

Before a new leader learns about the role of sales leadership (recruiting, hiring, coaching, etc.) they need to feel like a leader.

Imposter syndrome kills more disappears as soon as you feel comfortable in your new skin.....

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